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End user license agreement

Please read this End-User License Agreement ("Agreement") carefully before downloading or using T Progress lite ("the Software"). By downloading or using the Software, you are agreeing to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Agreement. If you do not agree to the terms of this Agreement, do not download or use the Software.

Tronikel’s Apps are developed by Tronikel, a Lithuanian corporation located in Europe (id 305695402), with head office in Vilnius. Tronikel or Licensee grants the End User the right to use Apps on the following conditions.

Grant of end user license#

1. Definitions#

1.1. Authorized User: the natural person (or persons) appointed by Licensee who has obtained accreditation to admit End Users to the Apps and to issue Means of Authentication.
1.2. Licensee: the party that has a License Agreement with Tronikel.
1.3. End User: the natural person who uses the Apps.
1.4. End User License Agreement: this agreement that every End User has to accept, pertaining the conditions for use of the Apps.
1.5. IP Rights: all rights of intellectual property, such as but not limited to copyrights, database rights, trademark rights, know-how, patent rights.
1.6. License: the right to use the Apps.
1.7. License Agreement: the license agreement concluded between Tronikel and the Licensee for the use of the Apps.
1.8. Means of Authentication: data and/or means (or the combination of these) used by the Licensee and End User to verify his or her identify on the Jira Cloud, such as for example the combination of user name and password.
1.9. Apps: the Software app or Cloud app developed by Tronikel that Licensee orders from Tronikel through the Atlassian Marketplace, including New Versions and user documentation.Tronikel currently do not offer Software Apps
1.10. Cloud: hosting option for Apps where an App is provided as Software-as-a-Service and used in tandem with Tronikel's servers or servers of a third party, appointed by Tronikel.

2. Use of the Apps#

2.1. The Licensee hereby grants the End User a non-exclusive, non-sublicensable and non-transferrable License on condition that he or she fully complies with this End User License Agreement for the duration of the License Agreement between Licensee and Tronikel.
2.2. The End User decides which data is stored and/or exchanged using the Apps. The End User is therefore responsible for ensuring that such data is lawful and does not infringe the rights of third parties. The Licensee and Tronikel do not accept any liability for data stored and/or exchanged using the Apps.
2.3. The Apps are commercial computer software, developed fully at private expenses, and provided “as is”. The Apps may only be used by End User in accordance with this End User License Agreement. All other use is prohibited.
2.4. If the Licensee or Tronikel are aware or realize that data or information that the End User has stored and/or exchanged using the Apps is unlawful, the Licensee and/or Tronikel will take prompt action to delete that data or information or make access to it impossible. In no event will the Licensee or Tronikel be liable for any damage resulting from such action.
2.5. The End User may only use the Apps for legitimate purposes and will not abuse it in any way or use it to store or distribute unlawful data, nor will he or she act unlawfully or carelessly in any other way.
2.6. The End User is not allowed to make changes to the Apps or parts thereof. The End User is furthermore not permitted to reverse engineer or decompile the Apps or parts thereof.
2.7. The Authorized User is responsible for granting End Users access to the Apps (for example, when issuing Means of Authentication).

3. Code of conduct#

3.1. The End User is responsible for his or her use of the Apps. The End User is responsible for determining the existence and application of any law or regulation to any proposed use of the Apps. The End User warrants it will only use the Apps in accordance with any applicable law or regulation and will not use the Apps (or any direct product thereof) in violation of any applicable laws or regulations, including but not limited to any export laws or anti-terrorism laws.
3.2. The End User will refrain from any use of the Apps in violation of this End User License Agreement.
3.3. The End User guarantees that he will act as a careful End User. If at any time Tronikel or Licensee makes it possible for its End Users to use the Apps for communication with Tronikel, Licensee or other End Users, the communication of the End User: is not based on falsehoods and / or misleading;
will not be libelous, slanderous, insulting, racist, discriminating or hateful;
will not contain erotic or pornographic material;
will not contain hyperlinks, torrents or comparable information of which the End User knows or ought to know that it refers to material that infringes the rights of third parties;
will not consist of distributing personal data of third parties without permission or necessity or sending unwanted commercial, charitable or ideal communication;
will not contain viruses, trojans, worms, bots or other software that can damage, render unusable or inaccessible, erase or take advantage of or that are intended to circumvent technical protection measures of the Apps;
will not impose an unreasonable or disproportionate burden on the infrastructure of the Service or obstruct the functionality of the Apps;
does not infringe the rights of Tronikel, Licensee or third parties, including but not limited to IP Rights and rights relating to the protection of privacy;
is not otherwise unlawful in any way or can damage the interests and good name of Tronikel or Licensee.